Uncancelled passports contributing to ID fraud

Identifies are being stolen in the UK at a rate of around 500 per day. That equates to almost 200,000 instances each year costing businesses millions in fraudulent orders and applications for credit.This week Action Fraud warned that the number of uncancelled passports is significantly contributing to the problem. Research shows that on average it takes 73 days for consumers to report their passport lost or stolen or to advice HM Passport Office that the holder is deceased. Almost half a million passports go missing each year and the same number are rendered invalid due to death – rich pickings for gangs of identity fraudsters! That’s almost a million passports that can be used by criminals as a basis to commit fraud.

Passports contain sensitive information such as place of birth, date of birth and full name, all of which can be used fraudulently. But more concerning is the fact that uncancelled passports can be used to set up online bank accounts which can then be used as a basis for credit cards, loans, mortgages, mobile phone contracts and insurance products

For consumers it is vital that passports are reported as lost, stolen or deceased as soon as possible. For businesses it is crucial that if using a passport as a form of identification verification to screen against the Lost and Stolen Travel Documents Database and against anti deceased identity fraud products such as Halo.

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