ID fraud is now so big it has its own music genre

The news that ID fraud is growing at unprecedented levels globally comes as no surprise to those working in the fraud sector. As organisations grow in technological sophistication offering their customers increasingly innovative solutions, so too does the fraudster’s armoury. In fact identity fraud has now reached such lofty heights that it has even spawned its own music genre: scam rap.

Scam rap, born in Detroit, is a new strain of rap which essentially provides would-be fraudsters with sets of detailed instructions on how to carry out the perfect crime in music form. Teejayx6 is one of the emerging stars. According to his lyrics he has dabbled in fraud since the tender age of 12; starting with selling non-existent XBoxes on Twitter and quickly progressing to buying personal information from the dark web.

In June he launched his new ‘album’: Fraudulent Activity. As the name suggests the major theme throughout is scamming, whether through a Tor browser, an app, or in real life. In one track named after the inaugural dark web marketplace 'Silk Road' he raps: “Cat-fished a lame white boy for six thousand on Tinder / Scammed a cameraman for a video, then blocked him on Twitter.”

Scam rap is proving somewhat dangerous for its makers, however. Recently, another scam rapper, Selfmade Kash, who wrote songs including  "Scam likely", “Still The Swipe Goat Freestyle” and “Swipe In Peace” was charged with identity theft, wire fraud and possessing an unauthorised access device. His arrest may not have been a huge surprise, considering he overwhelmingly incriminated himself. Teejayx6, however, is savvier: "Even if I was under investigation, there is no proof, I could be saying all this, it could be a lie, it could be entertainment."

That scam rap even exists highlights a cultural shift toward technological, data-driven/psychological crime and demonstrates that fraud isn’t going to go away. It is just going to get worse.